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Brown Bucktail Streamer

Brown Bucktail Streamer

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The Great Escape Trail is a collective of fishermen, foragers, herbalists & nature lovers seeking to rediscover our human connection to the wilderness from urban environments.

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Winter Steelhead Fishing Tips
You have waited half the year for the thrill of a steelhead hook-up. You’ve whisked away the glorious spring mornings and the summer evenings daydreaming of the superior steelhead season. Stricken by this malady, you tolerate blistering wind chills and lake effect snow. Steelhead are the only freshwater gamefish that will strike a fly savagely […] Read more – ‘Winter Steelhead Fishing Tips’.

Fly Fishing

Steelhead Fishing Report – November 2014
It doesn’t get better than this folks. Forget The Fumble, The Drive, The Shot, and Red Right 88. Northeast Ohio is abuzz with the Return of the King, a Cy Young winner, Browns in 1st, and Steelhead in the River. Get out and fish now while water conditions are still good. Once this current snow […] Read more – ‘Steelhead Fishing Report – November 2014’.


Ohio Morel Hunting
Ohio Morel Hunting Please note, we are not scientists. We are educated observers with a few years of experience foraging our neck of the woods. There aren’t many public woods in Portage County, Ohio yet we are able to find morels in some fairly inconspicuous places. On many occasions we leave the woods with our […] Read more – ‘Ohio Morel Hunting’.

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